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The second in our series of documentary shorts goes out today on BBC Radio Kent! This week we talk to Canterbury author Andrew McGuinness about his debut novel. Against the backdrop of a fictionalised version of Canterbury, the book’s narrator (Ben Tippet) stands trial accused of arson and manslaughter. From his prison cell he muses about everything from his transsexual uncle, to his love of David Bowie; from his artistic delusions of grandeur, to whether or not he really did cause a man’s death. You can listen by tuning into Dominic King’s show from 4pm on BBC Radio Kent. Those of you without a radio can make use of the handy link below: If you like the sound of Andrew’s book, you can order it from Amazon (or you can avoid grumpy postmen and support your local bookshop!) Readers may also be pleased to learn that Andrew’s pet dog, Tom, maintains a regular blog (yes you read that correctly) which contains all Andrew’s latest news (presumably overheard during walkies) It can be found here Our thanks to Andrew NEXT WEEK: Canterbury’s quaintest cafe (Coffee & Corks) collates a compendium of clientele’s quirky curiosities…

BBC Radio Kent Ep.1 – ALLUVIA

The first of our six-part series broadcasts today on BBC Radio Kent! Friend of The Bakery Mr Dominic King has sent 2 of our Master Bakers (Richard and Dan) on a mission to track down interesting locals and produce mini documentaries about them. Our adventure starts with a pair of statues lying in the Stour, which we decided to find a bit more about… The series will go out every Tuesday afternoon, shortly after 4pm on BBC Radio Kent. If you enjoyed listening to our first feature, then you can find out more by clicking… Our thanks to Jason NEXT WEEK: Local author’s fiery debut novel

Bakery Radio

Hello Bakery Listeners! PODCAST NEWS First things first, unfortunately there will be no new editions of The Gulbenkian Theatre Podcast released in the immediate future. We have just completed six solid months of Podcast production, taking in all manner of fantastic celebrities and guests, and we LOVE doing it, but alas we are all just too busy with other projects at the mo, and we decided this was a good point to take a break. The Gulbenkian is still Canterbury’s best theatre (well, the Marlowe is nothing more than a gutted carcass at the moment – Al, take pictures!) but my point still stands. This isn’t planned to be the end of The Bakery’s involvement with the Gulbenkian Theatre however, so watch this space. BBC RADIO KENT NEWS We’re currently cooking up a fun little series of audio hotcakes for broadcast on BBC Radio Kent. We’re focussing on quirky Kentish subjects, and the interesting characters that relate to them. As part of this series, ¬†we have planted a book in top Canterbury cafe ‘Coffee and Corks’ and we’re delighted to see that the customers are filling up its pages. If you’re in the area, drop in for a cake...

scribblings in Coffee and Corks

A book has been placed in Canterbury’s ‘Coffee and Corks’ cafe. All visitors are free to fill it with whatever musings or comments that they wish, as they nibble on a slab of coffee cake or sip at a cup of herbal tea. Philosophy, jokes, inventions, confessions, desire – whatever spills from the nibs! It’s kind of a mini experiment in communicating ideas, and is planned to form part of a series of features by me and Dan for broadcast on BBC Radio Kent. So, get yourself along to ‘Coffee and Corks’ and get involved! Else, keep checking back here to be updated on our radio exploits. Cheers everyone, Richard

Radio Play-Doh

When I was a kid I had a toy machine that made play-doh shapes: spaghetti, cylinders, twisty coils, star shaped tubes . . . But the machine always had a quantity of play-doh stuck inside. To get this out (and therefore form the shapes) you had to push fresh play-doh in the back of the machine, and force the old play-doh out through the cutters. Meaning the new play-doh was now stuck inside. This also meant that if you didn’t play with the toy for a while, the play-doh stuck inside would dry out and make the whole process crumbly and dissatisfying. It appears that this process also holds true for the world of radio. For on Wednesday, Dan and I received some exciting news. You may remember our KONKERS feature on BBC Radio Kent last year, since producing which, we have been busily making a monthly podcast for the Gulbenkian Theatre. These audio baked goods appear to have gone down well, because the Ginger and the Brummie have had the carrot of persuasion dangled before our faces with the prospect of producing something similar for BBC Radio Kent. It’s all under-wraps for now, but we shall give you...