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Wicked Pig – Challenge 2.

At long last Sty TV have unveiled our second challenge video, sponsored by Wicked Pig pork snacks. Richard and Dan have a week to become fully-fledged celebrities… P.S. Apologies for the title card grafted onto the beginning which is almost as long as the feature itself. Sometimes our baking gets re-iced after it leaves our kitchen…

Wicked Pig – Challenge 1.

Here at last, is the first of our Challenge Films for Sty TV! And a trailer… launches!

Myself and Tom German have worked tirelessly to get this baby off the ground. We hope it confuses you. And entertains you too.

We’ve redecorated

We hope you like it. The paint’s still wet in a few places, so please bear with us while we make the finishing touches. You’ll also notice that Chef Julian has returned from his 7 months travelling abroad. He has presents for everyone, but he’s also bought himself a new iPhone4 and will now resume his duties as our official representative on Twitter. So, have a look around – what do people think of version 3?

Crash Test

I present to thee my final piece of work whilst at Escape Studios. Everything was completed by myself from modeling, tracking, removing lens distortion, removing tracking markers, through to rendering and compositing (with quite a few other steps in between!). (Edit: Due to legal reasons I have to state that Gate “did the acting”). So, as short and sweet as it may be, enjoy! (as always crits of the goods and the bads are always welcomed) Chef Adam

The New Faces of Wicked Pig Pork Snacks

Well that was unexpected. You may remember that Richard and Dan entered a competition run by Wicked Pig pork snacks to find a new comedy double act. The film, ‘Disparate Set Pieces’ saw Richard and Dan playing caricatures of themselves, in a film about making films. It was basically a satire of The Bakery. To our immense surprise – we won! That’s right: Richard and Dan are the new faces of Stytv and Wicked Pig pork snacks. That’s the most bizarre sentence I’ve ever typed. Look: What does this mean? Well, firstly, according to the terms and conditions: Richard and Dan will not express preference for any other snack category for a 12 month period Which, given Dan’s appetite, will be something of a challenge. But more importantly: Over the next few months Richard and Dan are going to be set a series of comic challenges, which they will have to tackle and document on film. The challenges will be set by Wicked Pig, and will come as a complete surprise to our duo. God alone knows what they’re going to get them to do. The Bakery’s summer has just got a hell of a lot busier . ....

Disparate Set Pieces

Chefs Richard and Dan have entered the following video into a competition to find “the best double act since Horne & Corden.” Will they achieve their ultimate goal and become the face of a new pork snack?

New Doritos advert

A couple of weekends ago the Bakery was mobilised, and after much hard work from both the Canterbury and London offices – plus lots of help from non-bakery freelance scientists – some new Doritos films were born. These films are all entries into the new Doritos King of Ads competition. Those veteran observers of all things The Bakery may remember that we produced something similar a couple of years that won an award… …So fingers crossed! Enjoy.

Pipe Smoking in London

After the splendid warm welcome that the YouTube pipe smoking community gave Tom in his first film, we were very eager to make another. This time we ventured all the way up to London Town, to bring a hint of England and the outdoors, to what remains a rather American-bedroom centred video community. Enjoy.

Why do a year in industry?

Ladies and gentlemen, the project we’ve been teasing you with for weeks: The Bakery is proud to present … It’s been hectic in The Bakery Kitchen putting this together. Click below to witness the very special blend of beer, immaturity and Macbook-poncery that goes into cooking up every intense Bakery product …