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In brief: how we made Ode To The Summer

Back at the beginning of October, Dan Fryer, Richard Dadd and myself spent 13 hours in a cold art studio on the outskirts of Canterbury, filming the latest music video for Syd Arthur. Although filming only took one day, preparation had been underfoot for about a month with Colonel of hard graft, Mr Thomas Langley, building the orbital camera track, dolly, and pyramid.

An 8-bit lane

Another bit of shameless self-promotion but Chef Dan and I just finished a fun little project for Disney. Fold7 were asked to get people talking about ‘Wreck It Ralph’, Disney’s upcoming film about an 8bit video game character who escapes his game. So we thought it could be interesting to invite London’s trendies to do the opposite: exchange Shoreditch for the 8bit world. We therefore 8bit-ified a black cab, some pigeons and yes, an all-important dog turd. Enjoy!

Good morning Pilgrims!

Howdy fellow chefs and all ye who love our pastry, Chef Dan and myself had some spare time over the summer so we decided to use it wisely by making a little promo film for Pilgrims English Language Schools. You remember them, right? The children, the songs, the attractive staff members… Anyway, here’s what we ended up giving them. Oh and if you happen to hate it, it might be worth you knowing that the director of operations showed it at a summer schools fayre in Berlin recently and was told by the organisers that it was easily the best in the industry right now. So nuhh.

Arlet – Morning After

As Chef Alaric leads, the other chefs follow. Hot on the heels of our first ever music video release last month, I can now reveal our second, this time for the beautifully acoustic folk outfit Arlet (yes that’s right, the lovely people behind the soundtrack to The Last Bookshop). Recorded and filmed on an actual Thames barge called the Volharding just along from Tower Bridge, if you listen carefully you can hear the genuine creaks of the wooden beams and the splash of the river under the strum of guitar and blow of horn. Big thanks to Al for his amazing grading and Jan Grimshaw for helping out on the day, as well as the lovely people at the Volharding for keeping the tea supply constant! So without further ado, I present Morning After by the wonderful, the only, Arlet!  

Syd Arthur Music Video

April saw The Bakery making our first music video. It was for Canterbury based psychedelic rock band, Syd Arthur. They approached us because they knew we had some cameras and are shit at saying “no” to things. It was a great deal of fun making the video with the guys, especially because Dan was wearing his lucky new jacket. Without that, we would have ended up with a video like this. The track, Edge of the Earth, is off their new album On An On. The video got its online premiere on the Prog Rock music magazine’s blog here: The incredible light box was kindly lent to us by the very patient Roderic Wilson from I say lent, he actually set it all up for us too. For those interested, the light box runs off a matrix of HEXMOD LED’s that are controlled by laptop running a program called Madrix. Inside Madrix, we ran a que-sequence which we had pre-programmed lighting textures to the precise timings of the music. All the lighting textures were made by us too. Many thanks to Chris from for teaching me how to do all of this, at such short notice....

Some recent work

The past couple of months have been somewhat busy down in the Kent offices of The Bakery, and it takes an idle late evening to finally get round to some overdue admin work. Please find below some of the things that i’ve been working on recently. Everything you see has been designed and made by myself (with the exception of the odd bit of artwork here and there).

New Konkers sketch 2: Konkers USA

The second of our two specially-produced features to mark Konkers’ impending 5th birthday. It’s time to reveal all to you. After several months of flying backwards and forwards to Los Angeles for business lunches, I have finally reached a lucrative agreement with a major production company. Konkers is at last gearing up to join the vast catalogue of British programmes that have been soullessly adapted for the American market. Featuring voices peculiarly similar to those of Al Boyagis, Richard Dadd, Jan Grimshaw and Gate Lambert First broadcast on CSR FM 10th Nov 2011 God bless America  

New Konkers sketch 1: Geoff Island’s job interview

The first of two brand new sketches marking the 5th anniversary of Konkers. It’s high time we caught up with Geoff Island. These days he’s a Konkerbury graduate, looking for work in David Cameron’s Britain. Let’s find out how he’s getting on… Written by Richard Dadd Edited by Dan Fryer Geoff Island………..Richard Dadd Mark Tressle……………Al Boyagis First broadcast on CSR FM –  27th Oct 2011

Wicked Pig – Challenge 2.

At long last Sty TV have unveiled our second challenge video, sponsored by Wicked Pig pork snacks. Richard and Dan have a week to become fully-fledged celebrities… P.S. Apologies for the title card grafted onto the beginning which is almost as long as the feature itself. Sometimes our baking gets re-iced after it leaves our kitchen…

Wicked Pig – Challenge 1.

Here at last, is the first of our Challenge Films for Sty TV! And a trailer…