I’ve always fancied narrating an audiobook. Getting to interpret a whole cast of characters, immersing myself in a novel – and recently, I’ve got to do exactly that.

At over 10 hours long, I certainly don’t expect you all to listen to it – it’s a rather more gargantuan project than anything we usually blog up here – but it was a lot of fun.

The novel is a wartime adventure story about a daring young man who gets unexpectedly assigned to a top secret mission that could help Britain win the war…

Above are two reels comprised of extracts from the book. Please note, I’ve added in the sound effects to give a bit of oomph, and to act as an audio shorthand for the 10 hours worth of plot and prose which the novel contains. The full audiobook itself contains no sound effects.



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  1. Sounds great. How long before the audiobook is published?

  2. Chef Richard *

    Thanks very much. It’s out now.

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