Good morning Pilgrims!

Howdy fellow chefs and all ye who love our pastry,

Chef Dan and myself had some spare time over the summer so we decided to use it wisely by making a little promo film for Pilgrims English Language Schools. You remember them, right? The children, the songs, the attractive staff members… Anyway, here’s what we ended up giving them.

Oh and if you happen to hate it, it might be worth you knowing that the director of operations showed it at a summer schools fayre in Berlin recently and was told by the organisers that it was easily the best in the industry right now. So nuhh.

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  1. At last! Someone other than me has posted on the blog! Well done Gaetan. I was beginning to think my fellow bakers were all too busy sipping skinny lattes and making pinterest accounts for their trousers to bother blogging anymore.

    This is a very professional, warm, well-edited advert for Pilgrims. I can well imagine that they were very happy with it.

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