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Advent calendar 17: A belated teaser trailer

On the seventeenth day of Christmas, The Bakery gave to me: A belated teaser trailer

Advent calendar 17: A song

My name is Adam. I am extremely sorry I am late. I will give all the other chefs a fiver as recompense. Here is a song I found which I quite like…

Advent calendar 16: Middle class problems (the dissertation)

On the sixteenth day of Christmas, The Bakery gave to me: Middle class problems (the dissertation) It was the dissertation that didn’t want to be written It was foremost in my thinking at the time I was fresh out of college And chock–full of knowledge So the idea came to me To do a PhD But what to think? What to do? There’s been buckets done on Proust Shelves of Melville Mounds of Milton Jurisprudence and ‘the Truth’ And there’s been heaps and heaps On Shelley and on Keats A raft of work on Goethe And that’s just the work on Werther On Foucaldian power discourses On lateral blowholed porpoises On post-colonial literature Satire, Wit and Caricature A library of work on Wittgenstein A barrage concerned with Frankenstein The female in the Gothic And the meaning of erotic Hitler’s march on Stalingrad The biology of the lily pad The Reichstag Fire Medieval lire The Jadoons of Abbottabad Wheat growth in the Caucuses The strength of Norman fortresses Factions in the Politburo And the intricate truths of Diderot Sartre’s bleak and dismal thoughts The role of the judge in modern tort Abdominal cramps in the under tens And spotted newts...

Advent calendar 16: Have you seen this man?

Tom German has once again failed us all by not posting up his advent blog post in due time. If anybody knows his whereabouts they should contact us immediately. From this photographic evidence it is feared he may currently be trapped in a gladiatorial arena in ancient Greece.

Advent Calendar 15: It’s still in the kiln!

So in the mean time, please enjoy this video of some people who have been inspired by our antics…

Advent calendar 14: Advertising with Bells On

On the fourteenth day of Christmas, The Bakery gave to me: A much anticipated bit of work by Chefs Dan and Gate, featuring special guest appearances by other chefs (can you spot them?) and the Bakery blog itself! That’s right, it’s finally here! Please post it on your walls, tweet it, digg it, like it, share it, tumblr it, talk about it to your aunt Nelly… and tell her to pass it on too! We’re really happy with it and quite proud, so now let’s get seen by as many people as possible!

Advent calendar 47: A trio of comedy sketches

On the eleventh day of Christmas, The Bakery gave to me: Three excellent but unrelated comedy sketches My initial plan for today’s post has been temporarily shelved, but fortunately I have an entertaining Plan B ready for you. Appointing myself a British Comedy connoisseur, I have extensively sampled a wide crop of sketches in order to hand-pick a trio of organic, free range, treat-yourself comedy sketches which you may not be familiar with. To get the ball rolling, we shall start off with a sketch that has the most festive flavour, featuring as it does that nice Jesus fella. It also features Stewart Lee. As I understand it, Jesus and Stew get along famously. They even collaborated on an opera. This sketch makes me wish Stewart Lee featured as a regular character in the actual Bible. His presence would make it a much more entertaining (and better thought-through) read. No, not “ah!” Next up, Christmas often features friends and families sitting around playing board games. So here’s a favourite sketch of mine, about Russian Roulette… Okay, no matter how hard I try I can’t really contrive a Christmas connection to the next sketch. But it does have a personal...

Advent calendar 12: Pipe Martial Arts

On the twelth day of Christmas, The Bakery gave to me: Pipe Martial Arts Back in the day, Tom German was a whirlwind sensation in the YouTube Pipe Smoking community. In fact, his first video holds the rank of “3rd most watched video” on the Bakery’s YouTube channel with just under 2,500 views. Although me and Tom made quite a few of these videos for the faithful community, only a hand full ever got released. The rest lay coiled in old tobacco tins in my loft, marinating in the musty scents of Parsons Pleasure, St. Bruno and other quality smokes. Tom assures me that over 10 years the celluloid will take on the character of the tobacco, where the footage will become smoother, complex and more thought provoking. Well, i think he was talking a load of shit, so i broke one open to see what it looked like. This one below has been maturing for 625 days (born on Sunday, March 28, 2010). I think this excuses and Tom’s late post on Saturday, quite nicely. Another tin will be opened and the video released, in 1000 days time.  

Advent calendar 11: Cinematic Terrorism

On the eleventh day of Christmas, The Bakery gave to me: Some Cinematic Terrorism Keeping things festive I thought I would share with you all some hot-off-the-press gaming cinematic goodness for a new game due to be released in 2013 called “Rainbow 6: Patriots”. I may have used the word “festive” a little loosely… The real reason I post, I guess, isn’t because I feel terrorists attacking bankers and blowing them up is festive, I suppose, but because this is what I, and many others have been working on for many a week and, well, sharing is fun. In this trailer I worked on the shot where the window is shot and business man goes on a flying lesson – all in a normal days work… Enjoy!

Advent calendar 10: Money Masters

On the tenth day of Christmas, The Bakery gave to me: Conspiracy Fact # 2: Fractional Banking Fractional reserve banking may sound boring, and you may say, Redshield, what is a lady’s man like yourself doing writing about such square topics? My answer would be this: think again conspiracy comrades. Fractional reserve banking refers to the shift in recent centuries towards no longer having an actual gold reserve that corresponds to the money supply. Instead only a ‘fractional’ amount of what you deposit is kept in the bank, the rest is loaned to other people. This allows enormous amounts of wealth to be created and an enormous amount of growth to occur. However, it is also partially what causes financial crises such as the one we’re currently experiencing, as playing around with derivatives can cause debt bubbles and toxic assets etc. Alongside the rise of fractional reserve banking has come the rise of centralised banks such as the Federal reserve and the Bank of England. So, in light of this fascinating and powerful short speech, I give you Money Masters, a 90’s masterpiece of Conspiracy film. Just don’t say anything about the bad graphics…