Advent calendar 11: Cinematic Terrorism

On the eleventh day of Christmas,
The Bakery gave to me:
Some Cinematic Terrorism

Keeping things festive I thought I would share with you all some hot-off-the-press gaming cinematic goodness for a new game due to be released in 2013 called “Rainbow 6: Patriots”.

I may have used the word “festive” a little loosely…

The real reason I post, I guess, isn’t because I feel terrorists attacking bankers and blowing them up is festive, I suppose, but because this is what I, and many others have been working on for many a week and, well, sharing is fun.

In this trailer I worked on the shot where the window is shot and business man goes on a flying lesson – all in a normal days work…



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  1. Great to see something new from the Adam Droy wing of The Bakery.

    Especially pleased to see the great debt that this game clearly owes to previous Bakery projects. Not only would Job Market Julian be perfectly at home working in that office, but the leap out of the window is obviously a directorial reference to Gaetan’s window-leap in our 2010 Dorito’s Triptych. I look forward to further Bakery references when the game is eventually released in 2013. No doubt there will be a gun-toting Geoff Island and a level set entirely in the corridors of The Last Bookshop…

    Seriously though, that window sequence looked pretty snazzy I thought.

  2. Chef Dan

    That looked amazing!

    Jan and I both think that we want to watch that film, but unfortunately it’s a computer game. We don’t want to play it, we want to see it!

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