Olympics posters

Here at The Bakery we just can’t wait for next year’s London Olympics to start!!!

To celebrate, here are just four of the brilliant new posters marking the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games that you will soon be able to enjoy on show at the Tate Britain.

The best thing about this sort of news is that it is entirely self-satirising.


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  1. I posted this to deliberately provoke members of The Bakery, who have previously enjoyed poking fun at the art world. For some reason it didn’t work.

    I think every single one is appalling. When you think of all the creative people in the country, all the many artists, who would have leapt at the chance to design something so high-profile.

    But, nah, we’ll get Tracey Emin to do a scribble. And Howard Hodgkin can nick a child’s painting off a fridge and claim it as his own.

  2. Mind you, with Christmas round the corner I might splash out (excuse the pun) and brighten up The Bakery offices by purchasing a print of Howard Hodgkin’s ‘Swimming.’

    And a snip at only £1,300.00 look: http://www.countereditions.com/howard-hodgkin-london-2012-olympic-print-swimming

  3. Oh, fucking hell that is a terrible collection of crap. I don’t understand why we continue to give lots of money to these people. Everytime i hear things like this, my views on Art become more and more Yorkshire-like.

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