Never-before-heard Konkers is, erm, still not heard

Listeners to CSR FM may have been left a little bewildered on Thursday. After dropping off air for a week, Konkers did play out with Episode 3 but, unfortunately, there was no sign of the new additional material that we had produced especially.

It’s all rather perplexing and a little disappointing.

CSR was frequently unpredictable in the past, but I thought those days were over. Casual listeners this week experienced no introduction, no continuity announcements, nor indeed any acknowledgements from the DJs at the end of the previous show as to what was coming up next. The show was orphaned on the airwaves, with Geoff’s opening monologue bizarrely adrift coming directly after the news bulletin. It amuses me to imagine some unsuspecting lorry driver or kebab shop owner tuning into the professional news bulletin, only to have it inexplicably followed, without a lead-in, by Geoff Island’s little voice umm-ing and ahh-ing about Mr Owl and his unrequited love for Maggie.

If CSR clarifies what went wrong, or indeed what’s going on, we shall be the first to tell you about it.

UPDATE: CSR played out the introduction (including the new Geoff sketch) a week later, re-edited to fit alongside episode 4.  We found out a little too late to promote the fact, but never fear Рwe shall be making the new material available on this blog very soon!


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  1. The Veritable Tom Mathias

    It forever perplexes and disappoints me the neglect that CSR perpetually shows Konkers. I’m looking forward to hearing the upcoming sketches.

  2. Chef Richard *


    To be fair, they went to the trouble of contacting me to ask for the show to come back, then interviewing me and sticking the Konkerbury banner on the CSR homepage, all of which was very nice and genuinely appreciated, and suggests that they are interested.

    But there has never been a complete run of Konkers on CSR, where every single episode has played out, once a week, in the correct order, at the same date/time. At least one of these variables has always messed up. And, as a recurring problem dating back to 2007, that’s rather frustrating.

    Things always seem to trip up when people fail to communicate, and/or become too busy. Maybe a volunteer station can never run with professional effectiveness, I don’t know. But I was especially excited about The Bakery producing new Konkers sketches, despite how busy we all are, and it’s a shame that the first one didn’t make it on air.

  3. Tom German Doesnt live here anymore

    I think that Dark Wizards in the Bodisham area may well be responsible.

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