Summer at The Bakery

Reach for your nearest pastry covered, meat based, fattening british snack, because summer is on it’s way and The Bakery are celebrating it in true high-cholesterol, high-saturated-fat style; with a new banner image for our homepage.

No trendy invigorating summer salads here, just a plentiful picnic spread of good honest coronary-blocking delights (ignoring the fruit bowl – that stuff is fake anyway).


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  1. Clarence Ackridge

    I LOVE IT!

  2. Geodaddi

    The delightful illustration labelled as “pie” reminds me of a short monograph by Chef Richard entitled “The Anatomy Of A Kwik-Save Pork Pie. I wonder if it is still in print?

    • Chef Richard *

      ‘Tis true. I once fashioned a comprehensive post-mortem diagram of a Kwik Save pork pie after the crushing disappointment of actually buying said product in my younger and considerably more naive days. I discovered it to be 70% jelly, 25% dry crust and 5% processed pork.

      Rather than learning from my mistake, over a decade later I voluntarily associated myself with an altogether different pork based snack . . . which lead to rather different but no less depressing results.

      I am staying away from all but the very finest pork based goods from now.

  3. It looks like the Germans spread for the point to point on Bank Holiday Monday

  4. Today is officially the first day of Summer, so I thought it was appropriate to show appreciation for this latest sensationally seasonal banner image.

    Cor, look at that hamper! look at that pork pie! It’s almost enough to distract me from the cold rain lashing against my grey window…

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