Advent Calendar 11: Ident-tastic!

On the eleventh day of Christmas,
The Bakery gave to us all:
Some Idents

Inspired by some of the other chefs’ posts of things of a joyous past, I had a little rummage around myself. I managed to dig out item #1: an indent for the dvd release of “Whiteboy Mashup” I believe. The Ident was directed beautifully by Chef Alaric King, however, to my knowledge, has never seen the light of day-  UNTIL NOW!


This made me think of other Bakery Identy type things – and it just so happened I had item #2 lying around. A little test I had been playing around with. I hit the big 3D button and got it rendered. So here it is. Short and sweet.


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  1. I actually really like this second one. Would it be possible to do a version where the name hangs about just slightly longer, so that it can be read before it smashes? Maybe the camera could track it down falling, or else the words could be pushed off a shelf? That would result in a really nice animated logo, like the Pixar jumping lamp.

  2. Chef Adam *

    Thanks Chef Dadd!

    I think it could be cool to do a mini series of Bakery Idents – C4, E4 style. 5 seconds of Bakery to the face! An advent inspired style – anyone out there, a 5 second indent – live action, animation – anything! Could be fun.

  3. Dan Dan Dan

    love the second also… but i agree the name needs to hang around a bit longer… although possible a version in which the entire thing turns into Alaric King’s face might be a good option too

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