Tim Burton needs you!

That’s right folks, the acclaimed director has set up a web-wide game of “cadavre exquis” (that’s the “one sentence each to make a story” game to you Chef Flex).

We were 19 posts in last time I checked, and the story seems to have already taken off to a bizarre / fantastical start.

So… Who fancies being a co-author?  (Click here to go to the site)

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  1. We made a book like this when I was in year 2. I felt it was lacking imagination, so when I wrote my bit I added a massive whale. The rest of the class didn’t seem to take to my whale, and the story reverted to its more pedestrian plot line.

    At Gaetan’s suggestion I have been forced to relive this experience. The Tim Burton story is currently going on at great length about an old man with a syringe full of goo. Time for a change of direction, I thought (just like in Year 2). So I added:

    ‘You can’t just leave,’ cackled the old man, aiming the syringe straight at Stainboy. ‘Whatever would the Cyberwhale say?’

    Was my comment selected for the narrative? No.

    It wasn’t even a whale this time, it was a CYBERwhale!!!

    I give up.

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