ekcapa.org launches!

Myself and Tom German have worked tirelessly to get this baby off the ground. We hope it confuses you. And entertains you too.



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  1. I think I love this more than I love Chef Dan…

  2. I think the greatest conspiracy here is how Mr German and Mr King managed to conceive of and construct this website without alerting the suspcions of myself and the other chefs.

    The wisest observation on the site is that the Abrahamic religions don’t want us to have a weekend. This is so obvious now you’ve pointed it out. I demand Dan Brown hurriedly write a clunky populist novel exposing the Vatican’s previous weekend-spoiling antics throughout history. Few people know how the Spanish Inquisition would torture anyone found reading broadsheets over coffee and orange juice while listening to Desert Island Discs.

    • Alaric King

      I think that if the Spanish Inquisition took such an approach, Hoxton would be without a population and the Telegraph without a reader base. Perhaps this is what the world cup winning was all about…best pass this information onto Red Shield pronto.

      Over and out.

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