The New Faces of Wicked Pig Pork Snacks

Well that was unexpected.

You may remember that Richard and Dan entered a competition run by Wicked Pig pork snacks to find a new comedy double act. The film, ‘Disparate Set Pieces’ saw Richard and Dan playing caricatures of themselves, in a film about making films. It was basically a satire of The Bakery.

To our immense surprise – we won!

That’s right: Richard and Dan are the new faces of Stytv and Wicked Pig pork snacks. That’s the most bizarre sentence I’ve ever typed. Look:

What does this mean?

Well, firstly, according to the terms and conditions:

Richard and Dan will not express preference for any other snack category for a 12 month period

Which, given Dan’s appetite, will be something of a challenge. But more importantly:

Over the next few months Richard and Dan are going to be set a series of comic challenges, which they will have to tackle and document on film. The challenges will be set by Wicked Pig, and will come as a complete surprise to our duo. God alone knows what they’re going to get them to do.

The Bakery’s summer has just got a hell of a lot busier . . .


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  1. Muchos congrats, guys. You totally deserved to win. And your new intro too is a ittle gem. And thanks for reading A Portrait, Richard! However, when can I see your two-man cirque de soleil?

    • Cheers! Glad you spotted the book’s cameo.

      I like to sprinkle these little nods in where I can.

      As well as the Bakery shirt and the Arsonist novel, I was also posting a letter addressed to “Geoff Island, Konkerbury” but unfortunately this didn’t make it to the screen.

      The especially keen eyed among you may even notice references to Job Market Julian in ‘Disparate Set Pieces’ (the whiteboard before Dan cleans it; the computer wallpaper) and there’s even one of the title cards from the Doritos films on the shelf, but that’s got more to do with our general untidiness!

      As for the 2-man Cirque du Soleil – Dan and I have been practicing all week and are happy to perform an acrobatic show in your very living room upon request.

  2. Naomi

    Brilliant! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Good luck.

  3. Ben Turk

    I don’t believe you. I mean, ‘Wicked Pig’? Really?

    “a pork snack aimed at 17 to 35-year-olds looking for an alternative to crisps or nuts”? “”, as if I believe that. Grocer? Bit like Bakery, isn’t it? Next you’ll be the face of Eggy Wishes, from Daffodil, and I expect I’ll read about it on some sort of butcher’s website, won’t I?

    You’re frauds. You’ve just made the whole thing up to boost your flagging self-esteem, haven’t you?

  4. Curses! You foiled us again Mr Turk!

    We admit it, the entire thing was a web of deceit and fabrication. We even went so far as to mock up some packets of ‘Wicked Pig Pork Snacks’ and leave them in the fridge section of your local Tesco. But your wit and cunning saw through our charade!

    • Ben Turk

      That’s so sophisticated that I haven’t even seen them yet! I bet you don’t even know where my local tesco IS! That is clever.

      By the way, send my apologies to Dan, I sent him an annoying message on facebook and I’m so sorry.

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