i-made photo

It’s been a while since I last posted so I didn’t want to thrust something too epic onto the unsuspecting, so here’s a nice little photo. 🙂

Comments on the back of a postcard.


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  1. Alaric King

    Ok, so is this a HDR photo or a render? Because Pom Bear says it’s all CG, but i can’t help but think it’s HDR. Or if it is CG, the textures were from a good quality photo right?

    I need answers L’Capitano. Answers.

    • I’ll put you out of your confused state Mr. King.

      The skates are in fact CG composited into a photo. So the background is real but the skates not so. 🙂

      The textures are a combination of photos and photoshop-do-dabery.

      Glad I had you fooled though! My work here is done…

  2. Chef Dan

    I demand a wire frame version of this picture so that I can truly understand how it works!

  3. Chef Dan

    And why is it that my name is preceded by ‘Chef’?!

    • Chef Adam

      I suspect it was because you were signed in when yo posted.

      I love the 5D by the way.

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