Richard Dadd stands up and gets laughed at

Earlier this month “Coffee & Corks” held a night of comedy and spoken word with top-notch foolery and storytelling from the legendary Devilstick Peat, as well as poetry from compere Rick Bollinger, and lots more besides.

There was also stand-up comedy . . .

A Godless object

Now, I’ve run away and hid from all previous invitations to perform at the cafe, but this time I finally gave in because it was in aid of the Macmillan cancer charity. Cancer’s a pile of shit and 2 people close to me lost family members to it last year, so I decided to stop being such a bloody coward and try to make people laugh to help raise money for this cause. Thankfully it went rather well.

A very poor quality audio recording was made, and can be heard below. It was originally made just for my own reference, and the sound quality is far too poor to go on the Bakery Audio Player. But hopefully you can all ignore the constant ruffle of my coat on the microphone and still enjoy the material. I’m thinking about refining the set and maybe performing it again some time, so maybe there will one day be a decent recording. Until then, I hope you enjoy this wee curiosity.




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  1. Chef Adam

    Well Mr Dadd, this was most enjoyable! Thanks for posting and bringing some laughter to my evening.

    The bell is simply genius, however, not only does it take someone to think, design and create it, it also takes someone to buy it! Due to your purchase their sales have probably gone through the roof keeping the bell ringing, sharpener community afloat during these rough times…

  2. Geodaddi

    I understand that the majority of these items have been bought up by Chaucer College. They serve the triple function of:
    a) reminding students how to recognise a British Bobby
    b) providing an alarm in case of trauma
    c) enabling the sharpening of pencils to sketch an assailant or to note down car registration numbers.

  3. Alaric King

    Babb Dadd, this is absolutely hilarious!

  4. Thanks ever so much chaps. This went down far better than I expected, which was a very nice surprise.

    I hope to do some more gigs like this, as it’s a lot of fun.

    I might even tell people in advance next time!

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