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David O’Doherty

Fans of the Gulbenkian Theatre Podcast may recall one of our funniest phone interviews of 2009 was with keyboard-playing Irish mirth-meister David O’Doherty. Well, the Bakery kitchen was delighted to receive an e-mail a couple of weeks back on behalf of the man himself. Apparently he’s currently embarking on his second UK tour (entitled “David O’Doh-party”) and is abstaining from offers to promote it on shit telly. The Gulbenkian Podcast meanwhile (and this is a direct quote from David) is “better than shit telly.” Would we therefore like a new interview? And so myself and Chef Dan made our way to the next venue on David’s list – the OFS Studio,Oxford – with a carrier bag of gifts and a camera to record what happened . . . If you’re in Canterbury, why not head to the Gulbenkian’s very purple new site and get some last minute tickets to his show on Saturday. Or visit David’s hilariously crap website to see if he’s touring near you. You won’t be disappointed, his Oxford gig was a thing of comedic wonder. And he’s a topping chap, to boot. Cheers, David!

A small winter intermission…

For anyone who listens to BoC, I think it’s impossible to disagree on the choice of visuals to this track. This is truly one of the finest videos I think I’ve ever seen.


As with all major production companies nowadays, The Bakery has to face the problem of online spoilers. Whether it’s tabloid journalists tapping the phone lines of Coronation street scriptwriters; telephoto lenses snapping away at the new TARDIS design the BBC are trying to keep under wraps; or work-experience runners blabbing on forums about series finales, the internet is awash with premonitions of What Is To Come. The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed 6 thrilling new photos that have recently appeared unannounced in the margin of this very blog. Who knows what they pertain to? Who took them? And where? Scour them for clues if you must, but we promise, all should be revealed some time in February . . . In the mean time, those who wish to avoid spoilers of forthcoming Bakery projects are advised to tape a strip of masking tape vertically down their screen for the next few weeks. If you’re the kind of person who likes things to remain a surprise then don’t click on the pictures. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Other possible-spoilers doing their rounds on the Bakery Fan Forums include the apparent signing of Hugh Grant to play Geoff Island in a...