Everthing is OK…

I certainly get a kick out of watching these two films. Mainly because what he’s doing looks like an awful lot of fun, involves a whole load of taking the piss, and I feel there’s a lot of sense behind it too.

My favourite quote being at 6:46:

We would like to thank you all for having no imagination and picking a corporate chain bar.



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  1. This is hilarious and wonderful.

    I think my favourite line is “I am not protesting, I am just speaking through a megaphone; and what I do is give people like you hugs.”

    The whole terrorist/CCTV argument is admirably demonstrated to be piffle.

    This reminds me a lot of Mark Thomas’s argument about what does and doesn’t constitute a protest. I think this actually *does* constitute a protest, by my reckoning. But I certainly don’t think he should be stopped. Least of all by pseudo-policemen!

    I also really enjoyed the line “when you die you’ll regret that you haven’t worked more!”

    I don’t agree with everything this chap has to say (e.g. “you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it” . . . no you can’t, that’s a bit TOO optimistic) but I’m all in favour of increasing happiness and challenging absurd regulation.

  2. Very glad you liked it Rich! Another favourite of mine is:

    “Sir! Please move swiftly to your next shopping experience.”

  3. I love these films – I enjoy the genuine demonstration that there really is very little that the so-called authority of private security firms can do to stop you from doing what you want to do.

    My favourite bit is when he starts hugging the guards en masse… Brilliant!

  4. Fantastic! I have been watching these guys since the middle of last year, and there is so much good stuff in there, especially the ones with Danny Shine in. He has all the best lines.

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