How To Prove You’re Not Shit – by Microsoft – UPDATE

Back in a previous post we saw just how fantastic Microsoft’s marketing department really are – by suggesting we throw a party in their honour. Well, as we sat on the other side of the Atlantic, sipping tea, waxing our moustaches and laughing at the utter absurdity of the whole affair, people over here in the US were actually taking part in the celebrations. The Bakery’s US counterpart, Miss Miranda Gerzon, took it upon herself to do some first hand experiential research by attending one of these parties.

I have never had so much fun, in my entire life! The new Help features of Windows 7 really excited me and you should have been in the room when Josh sent an email – the atmosphere was ELECTRIC!
Miranda Gerzon, 2009


Ok so the above, may be a complete mis-quote made up by me but she was rather happy with her free Windows 7 bag. Which she now uses mainly to carry around her Macbook in. Oh, the irony.


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  1. Does that mean Miranda now carries her desktop PC around in a massive Mac iSack?

  2. Merzonia

    Actually, it means I carry my CrackBook, in a Sac, on my Bac.

  3. Wow, no longer do you need a dog or a baby to break the ice when discovering new people while out and about.

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