This is a message for the ‘other bakery’…

After some google trawlng, it has come to our attention that there is a rival set up called ‘The Bakery Animation Studio’ based in the south of France. Known for our aggressive competitive edge, we have taken appropriate action in trying to intimidate our rivals. Therefore we are holding this photo of their premises hostage, until which time they remove the words “The Bakery” from their name and admit that we are the one true Bakery.


We have contacted them, and await their repsonse to our demands.


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  1. I have been surfing on your behalf, in search of other potential bakeries. And this one looks intersting, but see you have forced them to leave this Janaury?

  2. Very well spotted there Tom. We are circumnavigating the internet, on a mission to intimidate and bully all those whom share our name. You found the first victim to fall foul to our methods. They couldn’t hack our competative chic fashion photography, that can be found here:

    Richard is painting our new studio as i speak, and we’re doing a couple of topless shoots this Sunday, with some recession-hit students from UKC…

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