The Bakery tries ‘Blue Sky Thinking’


Always on a mission to make our creative brainstorming sessions more productive, we at The Bakery gave Blue Sky Thinking a go. For those not in tune with this phrase…

thinking that is not grounded or in touch in the realities of the present; open-minded thinking (i.e., as wide and clear as the blue sky)

Wikipedia 2009

The technique is normally celebrated under suspended ceilings in conference rooms that vaguely smell like instant coffee, and instigated by that arse in management who went on a 2 day “Creative Workplace” course, and came back all jumped up and excited about group brainstorming.

Not being people to shun corporate practices, we decided to give it a go. However, The Bakery doesn’t have an office. And we do most of our work at weekends. So we executed it in the only way we know how – with a lot of enthusiasm.

Needless to say it turned out like most Bakery meetings. Julian didn’t turn up (something to do with Focaccia stains on his Chinos), Richard and myself had aggressive “creative differences”, Adam spilt espresso on the minutes and Dan found a small family of harvest mice in his pants.

What are we doing wrong?


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  1. They weren’t “creative differences” Al, they were me TALKING SENSE while you arrogantly dismissed everything I said and went on about how you should be in charge because you have a “better grasp of the zeitgeist than any stupid Brummie could ever hope to have . . . what has Birmingham contributed to the Human Race since the end of the Industrial Revolution? I’m a Gloucestershire Media Monkey, blah blah blah.”

    It’s all Ego Ego Ego with you.

    I should have pushed you off the hay bale while I had a chance.

    • Where’s the context Dadd? That was my response to your comment “I’m a revolutionary. I don’t ever try to capture the zeitgeist in my films. My films create them.”

      So pretentious.

  2. Everybody seems to think this image was Photoshopped. Dan Fryer didn’t gracelessly heave himself up on to that hay bale in the baking sun with the rest of us so that our efforts could be dismissed as mere desktop trickery!

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