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11 second club

hello bakers, I invite you to assist me in this months 11 second club competition: At the top of the page there is an audio clip lasting….11 seconds (believe it or not). The aim of the game is to come up with a scene to fit the audio clip. When we come up with a good idea I will then hopefully animate and enter it into the competition before the month is up. Ideas on the back of a post card (PO BOX, Bakery HQ)…or alternatively in the comments section. I look forward to your weird and wonderful ideas… Chef Flex

An Ordinary Saturday Night – VR Style

Attention all Bakers. I heartily recommend you all have a go at this interactive game of skill and cunning. It is based around the premise of walking a girl home, and I’m sure you will all agree that it recreates that “end of the evening” scenario with unerring realism. Indeed, it takes Virtual Reality to such new heights of accomplishment that tomorrow you will probably remember the game-playing experience as if it really did happen to you. I’m sure Alaric in particular will agree that this game pretty much 100% recreates his Saturday evenings. You will have to sit through an advert before the Virtual Reality experience really takes hold, and the prudish among you are recommended not to embark on the experience. PLAY GAME Now I want the Bakery to recreate this with Tom German.

The New Poet Laureate

In a surprise announcement today it has been revealed that The Bakery’s own Alaric King has in fact been beaten to the post of Poet Laureate, by Carol Ann Duffy. Alaric is reported to be gutted. “I can’t frigging believe it,” he said, when interviewed earlier today. “My application for the post was clearly the best. I writ it out all neat, and did it in my best spellin. This is a whitewash. Can women even write poems?” Duffy’s name will be familiar to an entire generation who, having suffered – sorry studiedĀ – her poems at length (great length. Great great length) for their GCSEs and A-Levels, will no doubt be delighted to hear that she will now be writing for the entire nation. Alaric meanwhile demands a recount. His poem “The Mangelwurzle and the Cow” will however be published in a forthcoming anthology from our publishing division, along with inspiring poems from the other members of The Bakery.