A Walk Around Britain

After precisely 7 weeks of very hard work, i am somewhat honoured and happy to announce the launch of www.awalkaroundbritain.com.

This is the 3rd website to go under the banner of The Bakery and will (if my gut is right) bring forth and prosperus era for all of us involved. Working closely with the boys (Ed, Will and Ginger),  having plenty of beautiful artwork availible (courtesy of one very talented lady called Shelley Mould), aided by a random Flasher (Max) and quick PHP genius of Ollie Buck, I (Alaric) have made another website.

However, this site is slightly different from others i have made. Hopefully my hard work will enable the boys to put forth information and wisdom that will intrigue, entertain, make people smile and perhaps even tap a foot. Collecting boundless stories, songs, poems, folklore, herblore, images and videos i wish this site good luck in educating all of us, that there is more to Britain than the information confined in the box of a tabloid or the screens of our TV’s. In fact, i am the last person to be patriotic (and my friends will back up that comment), but the beautiful content these boys have written certainly make me feel like Britain is a magical place to be born and inhabit.


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  1. Richard *

    This site looks beautiful. However, on my very limited internet connexion I can’t yet give it the full attention it deserves. But there shall be feedback Mr King! After all your hard work, you deserve it.

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